Brush Disposal


1. If you have any extra space in your cart, you can put a little at a time on top of the garbage in your cart until you work it away.              All household garbage inside the cart is required to be bagged, but in the case of the natural vegetation waste, it doesn’t have to be bagged. If        the wind blows some of it away during dumping, it will be in the street or back in your yard, but it is not litter the way paper, plastic, and other            household waste is. It will rot in time and not be visible.

2. You can call the City and order a second cart. The cost is $11.19 plus tax each month, with a minimum commitment of 6 months        of second-cart service.

3. You can take these natural items to the City Yard on the regular schedule for accepting such as that. The schedule is: every Monday and                  Wednesday from 2PM to 4PM and on the second Saturday from 10A-12N. You even can bring tree limbs up to 6 inches in diameter on that               schedule, just as you have been able to do for the last several years.

4. Call City Hall and schedule a truck and crew from the City to make a special trip to pick up small bundled (4'x4'x4') items for easy      handling-one pick-up per year for free.  Additional pick-ups are $27.99 each plus tax.

5. The City of Waco landfill will accept these items. They are located on Highway 84 just south of Woodway/Waco. You may take            them there.