Solid Waste/Recycle

The City of Lorena has implemented our own automated garbage service. Trash pickup days will be on Tuesdays for residents on the East side of Interstate 35 and Wednesdays for residents on the West side of Interstate 35. All trash must be in bags inside the canisters to prevent trash from flying out when dumping. (No loose trash) Only City of Lorena canisters will be picked up. All canisters must be placed by the curb five (5) feet from any object in order for the automated arm to pick them up.

Solid Waste Collection Rules/Fees

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Recycle is picked on the same day as your garbage pickup and must be in clear bags.

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The garbage and recycle pickup for the 2019 Holidays is listed in the attachment below. Please be sure to review your monthly water bill for any changes on your pickup days.

2019 Holiday Pickup Schedule

2020 Holiday Pickup Schedule