Utilities and Infrastructure

Lorena Public Water System

Source: Robinson water (Brazos River) and two Lorena water wells.

Lorena Public Sanitary Sewer System
Treatment: Oxidation ditch provided by Lorena Sewer System 2007 agreement of the City to join the Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewer System (MARSS)
Ph: 254-662-1501

  • Residential - $42.55
  • Commercial - $42.55
  • Incremental use - $3.10 per 1,000 gallons

Waste Handling, Disposal, Recycling City of Lorena

Telecommunication Services

  • Texas services are deregulated
  • Local providers include AT&T and Time Warner Cable

Cable Services
  • City of Lorena Franchise Agreement
  • Time Warner Cable

Electrical Services

Texas services are deregulated in most areas.

Check out the Power to Choose Website for electrical service choices. Poles and wires provided by:

Michael Baldwin, South Region Manager 254-750-5202
Carol Leitzel, 254-750-5237
Note: Substation in Lorena, second closest substation ATCO in Woodway.

McLennan County Electric Co-op
1111 S. Johnson Dr.
Waco, TX 76710
254 840 2871

Natural Gas

Texas services are deregulated. Gas Lines in Lorena high pressure and intermediate pressure, provided by:
Atmos Energy
Michael Street, Manager of Public Affairs 254-662-7448