City Council

Lorena City Council meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Council meetings are held at Lorena City Hall, located at 107-A South Frontage Road, Lorena, TX 76655.  

Council Members

Council members are as follows: Term Expires
  • Tommy Ross, Mayor
    Term Expires May 2023
  • Katrina George
    Term Expires May 2022 (Appointed for 1 year)
  • Emily McKenzie
    Term Expires May 2022

  • Shane Phillips
    Term Expires May 2023
  • Jeff Linnstaedter
    Term Expires May 2022
  • Kelly Yarbrough
    Term Expires May 2022
Council members are elected at large annually for a two year term. Elections are held the first Saturday in May.