City Services

  1. Lorena Zoning Ordinance

  2. Lorena Zoning Map

  3. Updated Ordinances

    New Updated Ordinances

  4. City Ordinances

    Browse through the city ordinances in Lorena.

  5. Miscellaneous Forms

    Find various forms.

  6. Permitting

    Gain information on permitting in the city.

  7. Bids, RFP, RFQ

    Look through the city's bids, RFPs, and RFQs.

  8. Police

    Discover the police services in the city.

  9. Solid Waste/Recycle

    Garbage service

  10. Volunteer Fire

    Obtain information about the Volunteer Fire Department in Lorena.

  11. Utilities

    Find out how to pay your utilities in the city.

  12. Finance

    View the city's financial information.