City Council

Lorena City Council meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Council meetings are held at Lorena City Hall, located at 107-A South Frontage Road, Lorena, TX 76655.  

Texas Municipal League Handbook for Mayors and Councilmembers

The Handbook presents an overview of the functions, powers, and responsibilities of mayors and councilmembers in home rule and general law cities. Topics covered include policy development, budgeting and financial administration, council meetings, conflicts of interest, personal liability, and media relations.  Lorena is a Type A General Law City.

Council Members

Council members are as follows: Term Expires
  • Tommy Ross, Mayor
    Term Expires May 2023
  • Katrina George
    Term Expires May 2022 (Appointed for 1 year)
  • Emily McKenzie
    Term Expires May 2022

  • Shane Phillips
    Term Expires May 2023
  • Jeff Linnstaedter
    Term Expires May 2022
  • Kelly Yarbrough
    Term Expires May 2022
Council members are elected at large annually for a two year term. Elections are held the first Saturday in May.